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Wash-off towel

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Product Description

Wash-off towel

Product Feature

- Removes dirt left on skin. Assist the make-up. Prevent the skin diseases.
- Promote the blood circulation & microbial effects
- Keeps the elastic & soft skin - Long lifetime. No change of its tough touch
- Excellent wash-off with smooth scrubbing.

Product Specification/Models


Recommended products


Bathing-towel set


Newly-developed product, Elvan bathing-towel


Shower towel, back-scrubing towel, wash-off towel


Bathing towel

Standard / Weight

16cm(wash-off towel) X 90cm=33g,

Packing material

Packed in OPP bag


WOOCHANG (Manufacturer specified in label)


WOOCHANG (Manufacturer specified in label)


- Name of raw material : Origin
1) Elvan poly yarn : Korea
2) viscose yarn : China
3) Poly DTY yarn : Korea

* Assembled & processed & packed by WOOCHANG

Other Information

Believe the elvan yarn of SEHAN co., ltd. obtaining the far-infrared ray mark for your skin and body for the first time in domestic market. You can see the difference.

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