chrome oxide green pigment, chrome oxide green manufacturer in China.
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chrome oxide green pigment (chrome oxide green Gn),chrome oxide green China, We ,as a leading manufacturer and exporter of chrome oxide green series grades in China.can produce chrome oxide green pigment,chrome oxide green common grade,chrome oxide green abrasive grade,chrome oxide green ceramics grade,chrome oxide green high purity grade,chrome oxide green low hexavanlent chrome grade,chrome oxide green metallurgical grade,chrome oxide green refractory grade, If you nee chrome oxide green MSDS , please feel free to contact us.

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2.chromic acid series products

chromic acid 99.5% Min

chromic acid 99.7%Min

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Products/Services We Offer : chrome oxide green,chrome oxide,chromium oxide green,chromic acid Primary Business Type : manufacuturer , exporter Country : China Main Markets : China,Germany,USA,France,United Kingdom,Japan,Canada,Austria,Argentina,Belgium, Bulgaria,Brazil,Finland,Mexico, Netherlands,Greece,Hungary,Israel,Italy,Jordan,Poland, Portugal,Russia,South Africa,Spain,Sweden,Sudan,Taiwan,Hong kong,Korea,Indian, Kuwait,Norway,Denmark,Switzerland,Malaysia,Thailand


chrome oxide green GN Grade

chrome oxide green common grade

chrome oxide green refractory Grade

chrome oxide green pigment grade

chrome oxide green abrasive grade

chrome oxide green Cr6+ 5 ppm max

chrome oxide green high purity

chrome oxide green Ceramics grade

chrome oxide green metallurgical grade

chromic acid

chromic acid 99.5%min

chromic acid 99.7% min

chromic acid 99.9% min

indigo blue

iron oxide green

potassium dichromate
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HS Code

M,E28199000chrome oxide green series products
M,E28199000chrome oxide green common grade
M,E28199000chrome oxide green pigment grade
M,E28199000chrome oxide green abrasive grade
M,E28199000chrome oxide green ceramics grade
M,E28199000chrome oxide green low hexavanlent chrome grade
M,E28199000chrome oxide green high purity grade
M,E28199000chrome oxide green metallurgical grade
M,E28199000chrome oxide green refractory grade
M,E28191000chromic acid series products
M,E28191000chromic acid 99.5% Min
M,E28191000chromic acid 99.7%Min
( M=Manufacture, E=Export, I=Import, S=Service )
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chrome oxide green pigment, chrome oxide green manufacturer in China.
chrome oxide green, chrome oxide,chrome lead green, Hebei
China 050011
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    Mr. Zhang Zhitian,

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