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Integrated Voice Mail Phone System with the all service in one system Inquire now

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Product Description
The VMX series are a small business telephone system with an array of features that are specifically designed to enhance communication capabilities in and out of office.

The system offers a top level Auto-Attendant and built-in Voicemail boxes, 2 channels and 60 minutes of record time. There is no necessity for purchasing a separated Voicemail system. The VMX system is sufficient for small office.

This is the state of the art communication technology adding Voicemail service to existing keyphone system.

VMX 206

  • Built-in 6 individual mail boxes.
  • hybrid system available for both keyphone and normal phones.
  • Designed DIY.
  • We can supply plastic parts seperately.(Ex: Housing, Base plate...)

VMX 308 / 416
  • Built-in 8 individual mail boxes.
  • Working with on attendant and normal phones.
  • 4 CD lines to 16 extensions capacity.
  • We can supply plastic parts seperately.(Ex: Housing, Base plate..)

Product Feature

  • All in ONE System
  • Built-in Voicemail Box
  • 70 Minutes of Record Time
  • Call Forwarding to Outside Line
  • Automated Attendant
  • Remote Cotnrol
  • Pager/Celluar Phone Notify, Urgent Notify
  • Other features
  • Answering Machine for Each Extension
  • Public Bulletin Board
  • Prefix Code
  • Information Service
  • Reception Clerk
  • Call Transfer
  • CD Line Pick Up
  • Power Fall Transfer
  • Fax Connection

Contact Information
DOLEE Telecom Co., Ltd.
#203, Anyang-7-dong,
Anyang-city, Kyungki-Do
Korea (South) 430-817
  • Tel : 82-31-468-4430
  • Fax : 82-31-468-4432
  • Homepage :

    Contact :
    Mr. S. S, Ahn
    Sales Dept. Manager

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